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Welcome, we are the AI/ML society at the University of Manchester. We are a group of AI loving, machine learning enthusiasts with a passion to teach and share our interest with others. We do several events such as basic and advanced workshops, guest lectures, and also social events which are a chance to relax and socialise. You don’t need to be studying Computer Science to join, all you need is an interest in AI/ML. So no matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, join our society today.
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Voted the Top 10 Academic Society for two years in a row.

Meet Our Team


Mateusz Wasilewski

Head of Tech

Gassan Salama

Treasurer, Project Manager

Yann McLatchie

Project Manager

Ivan Dewerpe

Project Manager

Pablo Caetano

Outreach Officer

Manav Gupta

Inclusion Officer

Klaudia Kreft

Head of Innovation

Manya Girdhar



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